Warrior Woman Wellness



Women! We are not ordinary. We never have been. We were created to create, to populate the land with children, art, crops, textile and more. Created to govern the land. Matriarchal societies thrived! It is now time for women to begin and continue being at the forefront of our communities. No more silence, whispers, genius going unheard. It’s time to be Extraordinary!..Extra-ordinary!

“Woman are the water of the revolution. Just as life cannot exist without water, the revolution cannot be successful with out the full participation of women on every level of the struggle especially leadership.”

My album “Warrior Woman” ignites the passionate flames necessary to light the way. It is an ANTHEM for the momentous work that we must begin, continue and strategize upon to execute our plans to make our world more efficient, compassionate, diverse, environmentally friendly, profitable and charitable. The anthem infectiously calls out to our inner warrior, whatever we may be fighting for, to fight with pride and confidence, knowing we will win. Knowing there are blessings (wins) and lessons (“losses”).


Warrior Woman Wellness Werkshop is near and dear to me because I had to put myself through the course. Yes its my album and program but please believe when you are on your journey as a healer, you have to KNOW the healing works! I was battling sickle cell disease but there were root issues that I was not confronting. And hospital stay after hospital stay I finally decided For Real that I was changing my life, again and for good. This course was developed when I returned home from the hospital, in my bed battling the detox process of all the drugs, remembering my album and feeling stuck about my career path and while having imposter syndrome symptoms. Leaders in the community were calling on me but I couldn't conceive how I could be going out and teaching folks when I thought I couldn't even help myself. That's a Lot to be dealing with when your're supposed to be recovering. But life situations tell us sometimes...I'm at rock bottom but I'm still alive.. I must have purpose..so...ain't no place left to go but up! So bit by bit and day by day I began chipping away at each song/topic and healing myself. I began attracting messages that came right on time, new teachers, mentors, opportunities and money. Yes, I've heard stories people have shared with me about the album and how its saved their lives. But this time I saved my own! I rejoice every time I hear the songs. I saved my own life and created an additional revenue stream and I'm so pumped to offer these tools so you can do the same.

What money are you leaving on the table?

What divine messages have you been blessed with and thought that was all spirit had for you so you just stopped short of your breakthrough? 

What is unsettled in your soul because you know you can do and be a better version of you?

Why would you want to join this circle of leaders, change makers, warriors, accomplished women? You don't have to want to join it, you have to decide if you NEED to join it! 

I don't believe in coincidences so, if you happen to "stumble" across any of my sites and made it Here.. oh you need to join. People find me when they are in need of starting or  rebooting their spiritual and practical foundations in a life-changing way. If a woman is not grounded and seated in her power she will eventually become: 

  • stagnant
  • unfocused
  • brain fog
  • frustrated 
  • bitter
  • resentful
  • jealous
  • a hater
  • non-productive
  • full of dis-ease

These things can show up physically, emotionally, in your career..etc. If you've noticed things are not flowing the way they should, and you're attracting everything you DON'T want in life, this is for you. A warrior woman takes her problem, battles and struggles head on! That does not mean its going to be easy or that you'll be able to find the issues on your own. But whats special about you is you've found a solution, Warrior Woman Wellness! Are you ready to show up fully in your purpose!? Join us now!



The Warrior Woman Wellness Werkshop is a 9 week course centered around my transformative album, Warrior Woman. Each week a new song/topic is introduced and discussed during the virtual circle of women. There will be homework to complete over the following 7 days that really acts more as an integration period to allow these new habits and concepts seep into the core of your being. 

The flow of the 9 weeks will flow just like the album. From the lowest of lows to rejoicing, giving thanks for life, love, opportunity, Mo dupe (I give Thanks).

  1. Falling
  2. Water
  3. Music
  4. Free
  5. Warrior Woman
  6. Ire
  7. Goddess
  8. Shooting Star
  9. Modupe 

During each class we will perform spiritual rituals for grounding and alignment such as, breathing, stretching inclusive of warrior pose, water and sound healing, talking and releasing, dancing and filling ourselves back up with Light. This time together is going to be Amazing! However, please be ready and willing to share, open up and speak your truth. There are more and more women circles popping up everyday, which is great, but this one is really challenging your vulnerability with women you may not know. But what I find is, we women truly want the best for one another. So we're taking it back to traditional ways of healing with a good old fashion circle...virtual circle, LOL. 

We will be in circle 1-2 times per week. Our main session will be an hour with the exception of the 1st and last class to provide time for introductions, takeaways and celebration!! The second  possible session will be around the weekly energy where I will discuss the card energy of the week. This serves as an additional check-in and offers focusing energy to stay on task in the werkshop but also life outside of the circle. Cardology readings changed my life! I went from a half ass dreamer to a dreamer, knower and manifesting maven!

Each woman will receive a 30 minute individual cardology reading. You have to know where you're going and part of that is knowing what energy is prone to attach to you so you  can dodge it or step into it!

We will have a Warrior Walk group chat! I know you're like whats that? Its a space where we can hold each other accountable for the ways in which we want to walk in the world. I am being flexible with the platform so your input will help, Facebook group or Whats app??

You will also receive the Warrior Woman album! 



October 2020 We're getting started!

Weekly Warrior Woman Wednesdays (time TBD)

  1. October 7
  2. October 14
  3. October 21
  4. October 28
  5. November 4
  6. November 11
  7. November 18
  8. November 25
  9. December 2

Weekly Readings - Sunday Rising 8am PST | 11am EST  -  these dates are subject to change to to availability 

Individual Readings - September 28th- October 9th You will schedule with me upon confirmation of your seat in the circle


In the virtual world! Everything is virtual now our wish has been granted. We can work anywhere in the world. Better yet, meet new friends and heal from anywhere in the world.

The platform that we will be using is called Nu. Go to www.nu.network to participate in the virtual circle. Follow me @Osunfemi  And be sure to submit your payment to join. I love to meet new friends on social media but this is an exchange experience that must be paid for prior to receiving access to the group. Send me screenshot of your screen name via email osunfemiwanbinjeri@gmail.com  



How do you sign up you ask!? Will first you have to decide which option fits you best. I know, more decisions. But remember, you are a BOSS. You have to make SEVERAL decisions every day all day. So this is another step in building your quick decision making muscle, if you haven't already.

Inclusive in price (see "what" column above for more details)

  • During each class we will perform spiritual rituals for grounding and alignment such as, breathing, stretching inclusive of warrior pose, water and sound healing, talking and releasing, dancing and filling ourselves back up with Light.
  • We will be in circle 1-2 times per week.
  • Each woman will receive a 30 minute individual cardology reading.
  • We will have a Warrior Walk group chat
  • Warrior Woman album download code 

Inclusive plus Exclusive!! 

  • Crystal chakra bundle - for every class mediation
  • Healing & Rejuvenating tea blend- tea for the whole course  hemp, ginger, sea moss, clove, allspice, cayenne, baobab, lions mane & magic
  • Spiritual Bath Blend- for the Water class
  • Gele - your crown (headwrap) for the Goddess class
  • Warrior Woman gift card - you earned your warrior woman t-shirt.. but you might choose another product as well- for Warrior Woman class

All items will assist in your focus and added healing for each class

Osunfemi wanbi njeri